Blocked Drains Brisbane

Whether it’s 40mm piping in your home or drains with a diameter of 1m, the team at TRI Plumbing offer extensive services for the blocked drains Brisbane customers have.


  • Grease traps
  • Sewers
  • Storm water drains
  • Industrial drain cleaning

If it’s a drain, we can clear it and clean it.

Blocked drains are never fun, and severely stunt the performance and productivity of your plumbing infrastructure. Once you’ve identified a blocked drain, be sure to get in touch right away before pressure builds and you get a burst pipe, or even worse. Putting of the clearance of a blocked drain will only cost you time, money and stress.

Even if there’s large tree-roots in the way, we have the most advanced equipment in the plumbing industry, allowing us to pinpoint and clear the blockage, no matter where it is, no matter what kind of pipe it’s in.

We even will use CCTV drain cameras to investigate the aftermath of any given blocked drain Brisbane throws us, to give our customers the most information possible to make good decisions moving forward about drain services.

After we’ve had a look at what remains, our team of experts with over 40 years of experience will then make a recommendation on the types of ongoing servicing and maintenance needed to prevent another blockage or problem occurring again.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

If it’s in your home or your workplace, TRI Plumbing will be able to diagnose and clear your blocked drain. In the workplace, whether it’s a gas cooker, deep fryer or sewerage pipe, we will customize our repairs; drain clearance and cleaning, and servicing for your unique situation.

We’ve been working with restaurants, hotels, work-sites, skyscrapers and homes for over 40 years, so no matter where the drain is, we’ll come prepared.

Even if you don’t have a blockage yet, but there’s piping on your site that has a high volume of substance through it, organise for TRI Plumbing to perform a drain cleaning service, to clear any building residue that may cause a blockage in the future.

How it Works

  1. Call the team at TRI Plumbing and describe your situation
  2. The team will then either diagnose the problem or need over the phone and provide you with an obligation free quote for your consideration. If it’s an emergency callout, we’ll response within an hour.
  3. Once you’ve decided to go with TRI Plumbing for your situation, the team will come out to your site and complete the job at a time that is convenient for you.
  4. We’ll also touch base a short period of time after the job is completed for a brief follow-up call, to make sure that our services are continuing to meet your needs.

Clear, clean and prevent any blockage.

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