Are you a resident of Mackay, Queensland, looking for information about MRC Mackay water rates?

Mackay, known for its pristine environment and vibrant community, takes pride in delivering high-quality water services to its residents. The Mackay Regional Council oversees the management and administration of water rates in the region. Understanding the various aspects of MRC Mackay water rates is essential for both residents and newcomers.

Water Notices
The Mackay Regional Council issues water notices biannually, in the months of May and November . These notices serve as important communication to residents regarding their water consumption charges and other related information. It is crucial to review these notices to stay informed about your water usage and associated costs.

Q1: What are the rate charges for the 2023/2024 financial year?

The rate charges for the 2023/2024 financial year are as follows:

– Refuse Service Charge: $293.60 (Funds bin service and contributes towards processing and disposal costs)
– Additional Recycling Service Charge: $114.30 (Residential only)
– Rubbish and Recycling Service Charge (Other): $349.20 (Commercial only)
– Waste Facilities Operation Utility Charge: $167.60 (Applied to all assessments and partially funds the council’s waste program)
– Natural Environment Separate Charge: $29.28 (Funds activities relating to environmental education and protection)
– Roads Improvement Separate Charge: $22.50 (Funds road infrastructure improvements, services, activities, and facilities)
– Rural Fire Services Separate Charge: $25.00, $34.40, or $44.60 (Levied on properties within the boundaries of the Rural Fire Brigade area depending on location)
– Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue Levy: (State generated) (Council collects funds on behalf of the state based on land usage and service area)
– Disaster Response Separate Charge: $14.48 (Funds the upgrading of facilities utilized during disasters and operating costs in planning for such events)
– Water Utility Charge: $398.10 (Charged for properties with a metered water supply on a per-factor basis. Vacant land is allocated one factor per allotment)
– Water Consumption Tariffs: Varies based on usage (Tariff 1: $1.97/kl for 0-150kl per 1/2 year, Tariff 2: $2.91/kl for over 150kl per 1/2 year)
– Sewerage Charge: $962.70 (Charges based on the number of sewerage pedestals or urinal services installed on the premises. Vacant land is allocated one per allotment. Properties connected to the North Eton Biocycle are charged a factor of $819.40)

Please note that these rates are specific to the 2023/2024 financial year and may be subject to change.

Q2: What does the Waste Facilities Operation Utility Charge fund?

The Waste Facilities Operation Utility Charge is applied to all assessments and partially funds the council’s waste program. The charge, along with gate fees, supports the costs associated with running and maintaining waste facilities and programs.

Q3: What does the Natural Environment Separate Charge fund?

The Natural Environment Separate Charge funds activities related to environmental education and protection. It supports initiatives and programs aimed at preserving and enhancing the natural environment within the area.

Q4: What does the Roads Improvement Separate Charge fund?

The Roads Improvement Separate Charge funds road infrastructure improvements, services, activities, and facilities. It supports the ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and development of the local road network.

Q5: What is the purpose of the Sewerage Charge?

The Sewerage Charge is based on the number of sewerage pedestals or urinal services installed on the premises. It covers the costs associated with maintaining and operating the sewerage system. Vacant land is allocated one charge per allotment, and single occupation residences have a maximum of one pedestal charge. Properties connected to the North Eton Biocycle are charged a separate factor.

Please note that these FAQs provide general information and may not cover all specific details and scenarios related to rate charges and utility fees. It’s recommended to consult with the relevant authorities or the local council for precise and up-to-date information regarding rates and charges in your area.

Water Consumption Charges
The water consumption charges for the 2021/2022 financial year are categorized into two tariff structures :

Tariff 1 (0-150 kilolitres) per half year: $1.86/kl
Tariff 2 – Over 150 kilolitres per half year: $2.76/kl
It’s important to note that these charges may be subject to change in subsequent years. To stay updated on the current rates, it is recommended to refer to the official water notices provided by the Mackay Regional Council.

Water Access Charge
In addition to the consumption charges, residents are also responsible for an annual water access charge As of the latest available information, the water access charge set by the Mackay Regional Council is $377.10 per year. This fee is included in the residents’ rates notice, simplifying the billing process.

Contact Information
Should you have any questions or require further assistance regarding MRC Mackay water rates, you can contact the Mackay Regional Council directly. The council’s helpline, 1300 MACKAY (622 529), is available to address your queries and provide the necessary guidance

MRC Mackay water rates play a vital role in ensuring the efficient management and provision of water services to the residents of Mackay, Queensland. By familiarizing yourself with the water notices, consumption charges, and contact information, you can stay informed and manage your water usage effectively. Remember to review the official notices and reach out to the Mackay Regional Council for any specific inquiries or concerns.