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Plumbing is a highly specialized trade, with many intricacies and need for specialty experience and equipment.

When something goes wrong, however, and you are needing to make a quick fix before calling a specialty service like TRI Plumbing, or you are wanting to keep your costs down by performing the necessary maintenance and repairs required to your plumbing infrastructure, here are a few helpful plumbing tips straight from the Master Plumbers in Queensland.

Plumbing Tips

  • When you have a blockage, always try to limit your options as to where the blockage has occurred by trialing water-flow down your pipes/drains.
  • If you can’t remove a certain blockage with a plumber try a shop vacuum to remove the obstruction
  • If you need to use your toilet during a plumbing project and don’t want to go for a drive for the nearest bathroom, use one full bucket of water per flush.
  • If you’ve opened up the insides of your house (i.e. Walls or flooring), make sure that you take a picture so you can document what you’ve done. This way, when the team at TRI Plumbing are performing a service, they can pick up where you left off.
  • If you’re unsure of anything, or the above plumbing tips didn’t cover your immediate plumbing services need, call the experts at TRI Plumbing for an expert recommendation and obligation free quote.

Roofing Tips

  • When on your roof, make sure that you are secured by a rope, harness, or any piece of equipment that will keep you suspended off of the ground should you slip and fall.
  • To prevent damage to your feet and skin, wear sun-smart clothing and shoes with thick soles when on your roof
  • Walk on the beams, not on the parts of your roof that have slack. You can tell where the beams are by following the bolts
  • Don’t put any weight on weak areas of the roof, including yourself
  • If you’re unsure of anything, or the above roofing tips didn’t cover your immediate roofing services need, call the experts at TRI Plumbing for an expert recommendation and obligation free quote.

Gas Tips

Gas is highly flammable and dangerous if you don’t have experience working with it. Get in contact with TRI Plumbing’s fully licensed and experienced gas experts when looking for the right gas solution for cookers, fryers, ovens, gas hot water, domestic, commercial kitchens, industrial ovens and burners. TRI Plumbing can help with everything gas, appliances, caravan and boat gas compliance, new installations and general servicing.

  • Make sure you check on your gas metre at regular intervals, and ensure that it’s got appropriate ventilation.
  • If your gas metre is inside, don’t clutter around it and be sure to keep flammables stored at a safe distance
  • Be sure to call the experts if you are unsure of what to do, or need professional help and advice.

If you have any needs regarding gas installation, repairs or maintenance, please don’t hesitate to call the experts at TRI Plumbing for professional advice and an obligation free quote.

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