Gas Fittings for Every Property

Each property is unique in its design, layout, purpose and legalities. When it comes to gas fittings, making sure that this procedure is done correctly during a new installation or a line upgrade is of the utmost importance.

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, industrial warehouse or a domestic home, TRI Plumbing have the gas fittings services that can cater to any context. We provide:

  • Gas fittings and installations, upgrades and compliance
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Repairs and maintenance

Ensure your Gas Fittings Work in the Future

Getting the installation correctly is important, however making sure that your gas infrastructure continues to operate safely and efficiently will save you time and money in damages and productivity in the future.

At TRI Plumbing, we provide regulator testing, pressure and efficiency testing, as well as legal compliance testing – giving our customers the information they need to make the best decision they can regarding gas fittings moving forward.

Our team, after any maintenance assessment or testing, will recommend further servicing, needed repairs or day-to-day tips to ensure that your gas system continues to work as best it can to your favour.

How it Works

  1. Call the team at TRI Plumbing and describe your situation
  2. The team will then either diagnose the problem or need over the phone and provide you with an obligation free quote for your consideration. If it’s an emergency callout, we’ll response within an hour.
  3. Once you’ve decided to go with TRI Plumbing for your situation, the team will come out to your site and complete the job at a time that is convenient for you.
  4. We’ll also touch base a short period of time after the job is completed for a brief follow-up call, to make sure that our services are continuing to meet your needs.

Use the experts who’ve been providing gas fittings for over 40 years.

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